BeardifulMan Beard Care Products

BeardifulMan Beard Care Products

BeardifulMan Beard Care Products

With the ever increasing number of men who have started to not just grow beards but also to start looking after their skin, it was essential to produce a brand that covered the basics with all natural products, that brand became BeardifulMan.

Many of our brands start out as nothing more than a single product that we create to fulfill a need. Originally that need for men was a beard oil which we named Bear Hands.

Bear Hands is an amazing product, it’s an all natural and earthy oil that you apply to beards of any size to keep the hair soft, workable, strong and of course moisturised.

Bear Hands Beard Oil - Premium beard care oil from Beardifulman

Bear Hands Beard Oil – Premium beard care oil from Beardifulman

The ingredients are also all natural as per all of our products.

Do Beards Need To Be Moisturised & Looked After?

This is one of those common misconceptions that can be easily cleared up, do you put cosmetics in your hair, and do you look after your hair on your head? We think most everyone would agree that looking after hair is important, so that really does apply to the hair men grow on their face.

Hipster Skin Care Range Beardifulman Beard Care Products

Hipster Skin Care Range Beardifulman Beard Care Products

Ever seen a guy with a big beard scratching the hell out of it, or heard new beard growers complain about the itchiness of a big beard? All of that gets taken away if you treat your beard well and employ a few beard hacks like using quality beard oils to prevent the hair from getting dry, tough and sucking moisture out of the skin underneath.

What Else Does BeardifulMan Make?

BeardifulMan started with beard oils, but it was clear from the early days that the product range would need to include beard styling products as well. Big beards get wild, they grow in strange directions and there is nothing worse than a beard sticking up yours or your partners nose while being intimate, so styling your beard is super important also.

To do that BeardifulMan produces beard balms, and beard waxes. These amazing products will not only do what the oils do and help moisturise and protect a beard, they also give you styling ability, similar to hair gels and waxes but without all the nasty chemicals or parabens you find in petrochemicals.

Get All Three Beardifulman M A N Range Of Beard Balms Together

Get All Three Beardifulman M A N Range Of Beard Balms Together

All natural beard styling with fresh and manly scents, plus the balm range lets you pick a styling strength, from very strong to mild, that way for instance if you a going for a long ride on your motor bike, there is a way to keep your beard from being a huge puff ball by the end of your jaunt.

What About Other Products For Men

Yep, BeardifulMan makes those also, originally we just wnted to keep the BeardifulMan range simple, oils, balms & wax. But over the years it has grown to include.

So almost a full range of beard and skin care products for men, again, everything is all natural and many of the products double down in their usefullness.

The Body Wash is also an amazing beard wash because the product is so safe and useful to both skin and hair. No need for two separate products and no need for two set of chemicals to wash down the drain into our rivers!

The mens moisturiser, also doubles down or maybe triple. The cream is an intensive moisturiser which penetrates deep into the skin to keep it healthy, whilst it also absorbs into hair and beards to keep them soft and strong. Add to this that it also has some ability to style your beard, in a way it’s basically a cover all product and that’s why we named it Beardmageddon, because it the last product you’ll ever need as a man with big beard to carry with you.

Are You Ready To Make Peace With Your Beard?

If you have one, or have someone who has one, a beard we mean, then it’s time for you and them to make peace with the beard.

Do away with itchiness, get rid of dry or flakey skin underneath, keep your beard soft and prevent it turning to straw and best of all give it some style. Stop fighting your beard and let it be an easily manageable extension of your physique by using…

BeardifulMan Beard Care Products

They won’t let you down and they won’t harm the environment. In fact all our products will likely not only help your beard, but also your skin, hair and general happiness as a bearded man!

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Your Time Is Also Important

Fun is one of the key ingredients of any great adventure. Enjoy care free fun in the sun with bio-degraddable, reef safe, organic skin care products everytime you see the Feel Good Cosmetics name. We might have multiple brands but we don't change our quality or guarantee to provide the worlds cleanest and least harmful cosmetics so that choice is made easy again when selecting you favourite suncream or skin care products.

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