The Environment Needs Your Help

The Environment Needs Your Help

Our Environment Needs Everyone To Help

One of the simplest changes that you can make which helps the environment is accepting that our environment needs help. We can’t keep deluding ourselves that we humans have no impact, make no negative changes and generally are not responsible for keeping where we live healthy.

Our species definitely makes an impact on planet earth, more than any other before it. That makes us (yes you) keenly responsible for what happens to it, today and in all our futures.

By accepting that we have an impact and that we are responsible, each and everyone, not just the guy over yonder, we can act more responsibly as consumers and therefore create a lasting and positive change for our immediate environments.

Taking The Pressure Down

If the Earth were a pressure cooker, right now it would be making that annoying high pitch whistling sound that lets you know you have turned up the temperature too far or that your food is bout to be turned into shoe leather.

This is a simple analogy to describe the limits we are nearing when it comes to our home here on Earth. We have simply put too much pressure on it to effectively continue in a positive manner. We haphazardly set the dial and walked away thinking it would take care of itself and at the end we’d have a nice healthy stew.

Instead we are likely to end up with a kitchen fire if we don’t correct some things.

It’s Not All About Temperature

Feel Good Cosmetics isn’t a revolutionary company set to fix Global Temperature Increases. We are a small part in the plan to help reset the dial on our proverbial pressure cooker.

We want to prevent toxins entering into our environment from the use of cosmetics and other skin, hair and body care products, because, everything that you use, you essentially end up eating it again later!

Desiccated Lake Photo

Desiccated Lake Photo

An example of this is every time you use off the shelf sun creams. Most sun creams contain harmful chemicals like Oxybenzone2, Avobenzone and Homosalate which are active ingredients that give some amount of UVA and/or UVB protection.

These are non naturally occurring chemical compounds created in labs, which can now be found in almost every single person on planet earth 1. This is because these chemicals don’t break down in the environment easily, they get consumed and ingested by microscopic animals once it washes off you, then they travel all the way up our food chain, ending with us!

These chemicals can also be absorbed into our skin2, many of these chemicals have been found to have side effects ranging from

  • Human hormone disruption 1
  • Significant drops in testosterone levels in men 1
  • Skin and cell damage from free radicals2
  • Allergic reactions

That is just a short list of the negatives of common chemical compounds in sun creams. Did we also mention these chemicals especially the ones we listed have a devastating impact on coral reefs?

Stop Eating Your Cosmetics

Essentially everything you wash down the drain or that doesn’t get absorbed into you immediately from application to your skin, is coming back to you in the plants and animals you eat.

Simply put, very few people would dare to eat a tube of sun cream from the supermarket. In fact it’s likely to poison you, these products are definitely not meant for human consumption. But allowing these chemicals in our cosmetics is basically doing the same thing, we are consuming plants and animals that have consumed the compounds in the sun creams.

As we stated before, these compounds and chemicals are bio-accumulative and you wind up eating your cosmetics, just slightly later.

Minimum Effective Effort

What is the minimum amount of effort you could use to effectively combat the toxic build up of bio-accumulative chemicals in our environment , your food and eventually you?

Well by reading this, you actually just did. Congratulation are in order for having read this article and getting a brief overview of why we all need to switch up our cosmetics to natural and bio-degradable products.

The next step is actually switching up your cosmetics to natural and bio-degradable products by buying from FGC brands like..

Go natural, feel good, stop consuming and absorbing toxins.

Summing Up

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to remember the basics.

We are not going to ask you to buy our products, even though they help solve these issues. All we want to ask, is that you remember what we told you above, let your own moral compass with the updated information you now have, be your guide next time you are buying sun cream or other cosmetic products.

May you live a long and prosperous life, though just remember you may live longer by buying all natural skin care products.


Ingredients Safety

It is nearly impossible to know the inner working of every ingredient on the back label of your favourite mositurisers or sun care products. That is exactly what the big brands rely on, uninformed consumers. So how do you get informed, how do you learn which chemicals are safe and which ones are not? Try our ingredients safety search and see for yourself while learning something about what you are putting on your skin.

Ingredient Search

Your Time Is Also Important

Fun is one of the key ingredients of any great adventure. Enjoy care free fun in the sun with bio-degraddable, reef safe, organic skin care products everytime you see the Feel Good Cosmetics name. We might have multiple brands but we don't change our quality or guarantee to provide the worlds cleanest and least harmful cosmetics so that choice is made easy again when selecting you favourite suncream or skin care products.

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