Killing The Environment

Killing The Environment

What Is Killing Our Environment?

Lets keep things simple, first we are going to show you a picture of something that is not killing the environment, then a picture of something that is.

This Does Not Kill The Enviroment

Feel Good Cosmetics Safe For Dogs

Feel Good Cosmetics Are Safe For Dogs, Probably*

Dogs do not kill the environment, just the mood of a room when they fart.

This Definitely Kills The Environment

Hipster Skin Care Range Beardifulman Beard Care Products

Yes we are picking on hipsters again #sorrynotsorry

Humans, humans kill the environment, not hipsters (hipsters are not human anyway). It’s us, it has always been us, messing up the environment and wiping out species of animals and plants. It’s not lizard people, it’s not random, it’s just our way of doing things without understanding the impact we are having.

It is our misanthropic miasma to changing our habits that is killing our environment.

I thought Global Warming Was Killing The Environment

Whether you believe the Earth is heating up or deny the science, you know, the science that tracks temperatures over time and has steadily seen it increase for the last 50 years, is not our concern.

We sort of know that the Earth is heating up, could be cosmic, could be us, who knows right. But it’s not just temperature destroying the planet where we live, humans are having impacts far beyond (sorry), there are impacts caused by humans unrelated to temperature that are just as drastic.

What Else Is Killing The Environment?

How about toxic build up of non organic chemicals in the food chains? It’s recommended that you only eat 1 serving of Tuna and Salmon in a whole week because of the levels of mercury and lead in those fish. Those metals won’t poison you immediately but over time the build up almost certainly will contribute to a shorter life span.

Ok so that example was fairly bad, there’s usually not much lead or mercury in cosmetics these days, oh wait, no we were wrong, here is all the products that usually contain lead, it’s only eyeliner, lipstick and hair dyes. All cosmetics that definitely don’t wind up being washed down the drain or applied to our faces 1.

What about mercury, we all know that’s super dangerous obviously that is not in cosmetics. Wrong again, under an assortment of names mercury finds its way into anything labelled “anti-aging” or “skin lightening” 2, if you’ve visited South East Asia recently, that means almost every product in the supermarket.

So lets make a point here. Mercury and lead, both toxic to the environment and us, still in lots of our skin and hair care products. That’s two we know are bad, still turning up, entering us, the environment and the food chain.

The real question here is what the hell else is going on, there are potentially thousands of non organic chemicals that are bio-accumulative, toxic probably, winding up in us every single day from our use of products we simply think of as safe.

Ok Ok, But Really How Bad Is This Bio-Accumulation?

Well it depends, ever hear the expression shit roles down hill. Well Our oceans are typically the lowest point, veritable garbage dumps whether we mean them to be or not.

If you’ve been asleep under a rock for the last 10 years you might have missed the spectacular death of the worlds Coral Reefs, I expect that will become a headline more and more in the future. Many scientists pointed the finger at climate change and water temperature, they were right, hot water kills coral and fast.

Guess what else annihilates Corals? Chemicals found in sun cream, specifically ones like Oxybenzone and Avobenzone. The coral pretty much eats it up and poisons itself. Ha stupid coral, should be pickier with what it eats for dinner right. Well Oxybenzone was also found to decrease Testosterone levels in men, and cause hormone imbalances in women, just from being absorbed through the skin 3, so are we as stupid as Coral or just uniformed?

The purpose of this story is to show how humans apply pressures to sensitive ecosystems in different ways, Coral reefs which are already under threat from High Water Temperatures, won’t survive long if they are being doused in Oxybenzone and other harmful chemicals from our cosmetics.

Bamboo Shark - Reef Repair Suncreams

Bamboo Shark – Reef Repair Suncreams

If coral reefs cease to exist in our oceans, it could be catastrophic. Oceans produce around 70% of the earth’s Oxygen, that thing we need to live for more than 30 – 60 seconds at a time. Tree’s and other bio mass got nothing on Plankton busy all day producing oxygen, Plankton which lives mainly in our oceans, oceans which we are toxifying at an alarming rate.

If we were to lose all our coral reefs,

The disruption to the food chain and biodiversity of the oceans could lead to additional problems that we can’t begin to fathom.

Essentially no good comes from the continuing use of cosmetics that are not 100% natural. Non organic chemicals in popular cosmetics are seriously hurting our planet and it could use a bit of a break.

Summing Up

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to remember the basics.

With this information you can make more informed choices about the skin, hair and body care cosmetics you buy each day. Try to buy 100% natural and if you can’t, wait, well you can because it’s all found at the click of a button in our online stores.

Go natural, feel good, stop consuming and absorbing toxins and lets give planet Earth a much needed recovery break.


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Your Time Is Also Important

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