FGC Mission Statement - Clean & Environmentally friendly cosmetics

Feel Good Missions

We have taken our overriding mission statement, which is to provide safe, quality, guilt free cosmetics and divided it into smaller missions which we feel strongly are in desperate need of attention by the cosmetics industry, government and consumers of cosmetics products.

Sea Fan and Soft Corals Mission

Healthy Reefs

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years or happen to be an Ostrich who has taught itself to read, you might have noticed the ongoing media frenzy around the death and general doom & gloom for our Coral Reef ecosystems. Here is a quick example if you search for Coral Reef Species, instead of dive shops enticing you to come visit their local [...]

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Two Women Leaning Against A Wall Mission

Healthy People

If you have been reading our articles on personal health and chemical toxicity then you would know that much of what you are putting on your skin is sadly finding its way into you. We know Oxybenzone, a chemical compound found in almost all suncreams made today, kills Coral Reefs. But do you know what it does to you and your body? Very few people know about the [...]

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Boy With Great Skin Care Mission

Simple Skin Care

Even as a man writing this article it is overwhelming the amount of choice one has at a supermarket or cosmetics stand for the products I could use to moisturise, protect or nourish my skin. Honestly most men wouldn't have a clue what these products do or what is in them, in fact we would likely just buy the one with the coolest sounding name, or the one with skul [...]

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Woman In Bikini Lying Sand In Front Of Beach Mission

Safe Skin Care

It is no secret that big brands and big business are out to make money and will do so at the expense of your health and well being. Will they add harmful chemicals to a product because it's cheaper and easier for them to produce, that is pretty likely and you can easily find examples of big brands doing this, because there is simply no one to say they can't. When th [...]

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Look out for sharks as you drift on by Mission

Saving Our Sharks

Even if you don't like Sharks, the question is this? Do you feel we have the right to cause the extinction of an entire species of Animal because they have been portrayed badly by popular media? Or because the Chinese enjoy eating Shark Fin as a traditional soup at weddings? Here at FGC we don't feel that not liking something or because it's a traditional dis [...]

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Ingredients Safety

It is nearly impossible to know the inner working of every ingredient on the back label of your favourite mositurisers or sun care products. That is exactly what the big brands rely on, uninformed consumers. So how do you get informed, how do you learn which chemicals are safe and which ones are not? Try our ingredients safety search and see for yourself while learning something about what you are putting on your skin.

Ingredient Search

Your Time Is Also Important

Fun is one of the key ingredients of any great adventure. Enjoy care free fun in the sun with bio-degraddable, reef safe, organic skin care products everytime you see the Feel Good Cosmetics name. We might have multiple brands but we don't change our quality or guarantee to provide the worlds cleanest and least harmful cosmetics so that choice is made easy again when selecting you favourite suncream or skin care products.

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