Healthy Reefs

Healthy Reefs

Beautiful & Fragile Parts Of The Ocean

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years or happen to be an Ostrich who has taught itself to read, you might have noticed the ongoing media frenzy around the death and general doom & gloom for our Coral Reef ecosystems.

Here is a quick example if you search for Coral Reef Species, instead of dive shops enticing you to come visit their local reefs, you get dire warnings like the one below instead.

More than 90 percent of world’s coral reefs will die by 2050

This is hapenning because sadly our Reefs are dying, no doubt about it, they are in a bad way and it doesn’t matter who you blame, the outcome stays the same, dead reefs, broken tourism industries and the potential to wipe out life on earth as we know it.

24% Of All Marine Species Live On Reefs

If you didn’t understand just how important Reefs are to our Oceans, lets use a number to illustrate, that number is 24%.

If we keep destroying Coral Reefs through over fishing, toxic chemical build up and climate change, we will simply lose 24% of all marine species, they will simply not have homes or places to live and will cease to be.

Some of you may be thinking, meh 24%, still leaves us 76% right. Very unlikely, because around another 50% of marine species depend on those 24%. But lets forget that for now.

Imagine if you removed 24% of the houses and buildings in your city, in fact you have to remove 24% of the nicest most densely packed and useful buildings where people live and work and if you are one of the unlucky people who’s building is now gone, you may not enter a new building, you are forced into the wilderness to fend for yourself without food or protection.

That probably doesn’t end well for many of you reading this, but essentially that’s what happens to marine species on dying reefs, they simply cease to have homes, food, jobs and are almost certain to die because of it.

So What It’s Just Fish? The Ocean Will Make More!

Coral Reefs are referred to as the Oceans Nurseries, along with Coastal Wetlands and Mangroves. All three of these are under dire threat from coastal development and toxic chemical run off from farms and waste water.

If Coral Reefs disappear, the ocean will be making a lot less fish, if all the reefs are gone, it would be safe to assume 24% less fish would be created every year, and the other species who rely upon them would be severely impacted.

Removing Toxins From Waterways

No doubt about it, we need to act now to help our Coral Reefs and other water based ecosystems.

FCG can help by supplying Reef Safe, environmentally friendly cosmetics that do not allow toxic chemicals to enter into our waterways, ecosystems and reefs, thereby preventing the harmful effects of those chemicals and the contributed destruction of our Environment.

How Can You Help Our Healthy Reefs Mission

For a start you can just look at the chemical make up of products in your bathroom. Anything containing, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate and Octocrylene.

Each of these chemicals has harmful effects to Corals1, each of these chemicals does not need to be entering our environment and building up in the plants and animals we eat or depend on for sustained and healthy lives as humans on this planet.

There Are Natural & Organic Solutions

If you need suncream because you have white UV sensitive skin, like many of us do, you don’t need to slather your body, or you children in harmful chemicals because there are suncreams that do the job with all natural ingredients.

Check out our range of Reef Repair – Suncare Products which are all non environmentally toxic and provide long lasting sun protection and skin safety.

Are you a man in desperate need of skin or beard care products for your manly neck mane? If so check out our range of all natural, non toxic, beard care products.

Feel Good Cosmetics

Feel good about the products you wear, feel safe putting them on your skin, feel no guilt when using cosmetics and help us take the ever increasing pressures off of our environment and especially our Coral Reefs!


Ingredients Safety

It is nearly impossible to know the inner working of every ingredient on the back label of your favourite mositurisers or sun care products. That is exactly what the big brands rely on, uninformed consumers. So how do you get informed, how do you learn which chemicals are safe and which ones are not? Try our ingredients safety search and see for yourself while learning something about what you are putting on your skin.

Ingredient Search

Your Time Is Also Important

Fun is one of the key ingredients of any great adventure. Enjoy care free fun in the sun with bio-degraddable, reef safe, organic skin care products everytime you see the Feel Good Cosmetics name. We might have multiple brands but we don't change our quality or guarantee to provide the worlds cleanest and least harmful cosmetics so that choice is made easy again when selecting you favourite suncream or skin care products.

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