Safe Skin Care

Safe Skin Care

Brand Safety For Amazing Skin

It is no secret that big brands and big business are out to make money and will do so at the expense of your health and well being. Will they add harmful chemicals to a product because it’s cheaper and easier for them to produce, that is pretty likely and you can easily find examples of big brands doing this, because there is simply no one to say they can’t.

When there is no accountability for the actions they take, it becomes far more likely that a big name brand will gravitate toward a path of least resistance and profitability over everything else.

Brands That Won’t Sacrifice Your Health

FGC is a firm believer that at no point in the life cycle of a brand or product should quality and trust be sacrificed for profitability or ease of production.

If FGC had to climb to the top of the worlds highest mountains to source our own natural ingredients, you would simply find us there every morning collecting them, so that we can ensure our products deliver what we say they deliver.

Heal Your Skin, Not Just Temporarily

Many skin care cosmetic products that exist today are examples of what we call a “Band Aid Solution”, they work for a short time to cover the problem, they are far more likely to only briefly help your skin, rather then help repair it from the ground up and keep protecting it.

A band aid, is a temporary solution, although useful, it will eventually fall off and require another one be placed. This is something cosmetics rely upon, because it means you will always be buying it. What good is a consumer who buys yours product once and actually fixes the issue they are having with your product?

FGC wants cosmetics that intentionally damage your skin just to repair it again with another product to be a thing of the past, we want you to use our products to heal your skin and hair, essentially needing less of our products as time goes by, with our revolutionary recipe’s for natural skin care products, you may find that your skin and hair has never been better with less products in your bathroom.

Ingredients Safety

It is nearly impossible to know the inner working of every ingredient on the back label of your favourite mositurisers or sun care products. That is exactly what the big brands rely on, uninformed consumers. So how do you get informed, how do you learn which chemicals are safe and which ones are not? Try our ingredients safety search and see for yourself while learning something about what you are putting on your skin.

Ingredient Search

Your Time Is Also Important

Fun is one of the key ingredients of any great adventure. Enjoy care free fun in the sun with bio-degraddable, reef safe, organic skin care products everytime you see the Feel Good Cosmetics name. We might have multiple brands but we don't change our quality or guarantee to provide the worlds cleanest and least harmful cosmetics so that choice is made easy again when selecting you favourite suncream or skin care products.

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