Saving Our Sharks

Saving Our Sharks

Sharks Are Teetering On The Brink Of Extinction

Even if you don’t like Sharks, the question is this?

Do you feel we have the right to cause the extinction of an entire species of Animal because they have been portrayed badly by popular media?

Or because the Chinese enjoy eating Shark Fin as a traditional soup at weddings?

Here at FGC we don’t feel that not liking something or because it’s a traditional dish is a reason to exterminate them from the face of the Earth. Sadly that is what is happening.

We Know Sharks Are Not As Cute As Elephants

The world has come together in a great many ways to protect other species which have suffered similar catastrophic fates at the hands of humans.

Think of Elephants, Rhino, Tigers and even Lions. We desperately need to come together again before it is too late to protect the last of the worlds Sharks.

Just like Tigers, Sharks are hunted for something that only a Shark needs, which is the fins that help it swim through the water.

There is a famous campaign add for Rhino’s, stating “Only A Rhino Needs a Rhino Horn”.

Rhino Horn Ad

Same goes for Sharks. No on in e the world needs Shark fins, except for Sharks

Only Sharks Need Shark Fins

Please help us share the word, because without Sharks, the oceans and us will be in dire trouble.

Why Are Sharks Important?

Lets use an example. What happens to your street or apartment, home, work place or building if the garbage men go on strike? The garbage piles up, nobody removes it, and suddenly you have a rat and rodent problem because of the unhealthy environment that has now been created.

Your street in the this example is the Ocean, the garbage men are the Sharks. Without Sharks, the oceans Garbage collection is halted, dead, dying, injured marine animals now just float around, much like all the garbage piling up on your lawn with desease spreading rats multiplying happily, anyone remember the Bubonic Plague?

No one knows exactly what will happen to our oceans without Sharks, but it’s also not something we want to find out and this is just one example of why Sharks are so important to our ecosystem.

FGC & Sharks

Protecting our reefs and eco systems by providing all natural alternatives to damaging chemicals from off the shelf cosmetics is one thing, but saving Sharks requires more direct action.

We are proud sponsors of Shark Guardian and support everything it does in the interests of saving these beautiful marine predators. If you’d like to help, you can follow this link to Shark Guardians Website to learn more about them and the awesome work they do!

Shark Guardian


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Your Time Is Also Important

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