Introducing Reef Repair Suncare Products

Introducing Reef Repair Suncare Products

Protect Your Skin & Family In a Single Bottle

If you are looking for a safe way to protect your family and your skin from chemicals and harmful parabens whilst still giving you amazing protection from the damaging effects of too much sun, then Reef Repair Sun Care products are the sun cream and sun care solution you have been looking for.

FGC set out with Reef Repair Suncare Products to create a product no one thought was possible, that’s why we refer to it as revolutionary sun care, here is the original list of things we wanted Reef Repair to solve.

Sun cream that does all this and does not harm the environment!

It Can’t Be That Good?

It can and it is, you will never want to put another sun cream on your skin, or use on your family ever again after testing Reef Repair, it’s so simple and so useful that we call it the multi tool (leatherman) of sun care products!

Reef Repair Suncream Reef Safe Moisturising Kid Safe All Natural Sun Screen

Reef Repair Suncream Reef Safe Moisturising Kid Safe All Natural Sun Screen

Protecting Our Coral Reefs

We talk a lot about filling gaps in the market or solving problems that the cosmetics industry is not inclined to do because it seems impossible. But saving our coral reefs should not be a question of time and money, it is simply a must do scenario.

Reef Repair is not the first Reef Safe sun cream ever to be made, but it is the first that works like normal suncream with a high SPF that absorbs quickly, has a non sticky feel, easy to apply and best of all will not paint you white like other all natural suncreams do!

Help us protect our coral reefs and give them a chance to heal by buying Reef Safe cosmetic products.

Natural Suncream That Won’t Paint You White

Like us you have likely tried all natural suncreams, if you have then you have certainly found out the major drawback that almost all of them have and this is the problem that Reef Repair solves.

Many all natural suncreams apply like white paint and do not absorb into your skin quickly or easily!

It’s almost impossible to rub many of the leading all natural suncreams into your skin, the formula tends to sit on the top of your skin and although it protects you from the sun, you are left looking like you’ve recently been painting a house with bright white paint.

One of the negative side effects of this white paint annoyance is that you will struggle to get your children to wear these types of suncreams, especially if they have to have you rub it into their skin for ten minutes, trust us on this one, for your kids and husband to want to wear suncreams, they need to be easy to use and quick to work!

100% Natural Suncream That Heals Your Skin

The Reef Repair sun cream formula was born from one of our hottest selling all natural moisturizing products for men.

This means that Reef Repair is also an amazing moiusturiser for your skin. You can use Reef Repair sun creams as an after sun product if you managed to get burned or just have dry skin.

Be Part Of The Revolution

You can register on our website or contact us directly if you are a retailer to get package deals on Reef Repair products for your retail spaces, dive shops, liveaboards, boat operations or any outdoor related events and activities where the safety of people’s skin and the environment is important!

If you are looking to buy Reef Repair products please follow this link to our Amazon store where you can purchase individual Reef Repair skin care products.

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Ingredients Safety

It is nearly impossible to know the inner working of every ingredient on the back label of your favourite mositurisers or sun care products. That is exactly what the big brands rely on, uninformed consumers. So how do you get informed, how do you learn which chemicals are safe and which ones are not? Try our ingredients safety search and see for yourself while learning something about what you are putting on your skin.

Ingredient Search

Your Time Is Also Important

Fun is one of the key ingredients of any great adventure. Enjoy care free fun in the sun with bio-degraddable, reef safe, organic skin care products everytime you see the Feel Good Cosmetics name. We might have multiple brands but we don't change our quality or guarantee to provide the worlds cleanest and least harmful cosmetics so that choice is made easy again when selecting you favourite suncream or skin care products.

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